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ArcaOS 5.0.5 has been Released!

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Some Downloads that might be helpful...

Larsen Commander - A Really Good File Manager for ArcaOS 5.0

JFTP - An easy-to-use Dual Panel Linux FTP client for ArcaOS 5.0

Silven Scherrer's QtNet4.dll fix for Clipgrab

7-3-2002 Finally got some time to work a little with ArcaOS 5.0.5, it installed fine, but three inital problems! No Sound on my AMD boxes-fixed by using usbaudio.sys, size 41815, rather than the one provided by ArcaOS. Next Samba Server has problems I can't seem to fix and lastly They have changed how icons are changed and managed and you can change an icon but not attach it to an object. All minor stuff that will be dealt with shortly I'm sure, I really need Samba though.

7-7-2020 Fixed JFT Download problem and added QtNet4 for downloading.


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